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    Unhappy All suggestions welcomed (bike problems)

    Hey, I bought a 95 GS500E from BCSC because they were updating their fleet, i got a smokin deal on it and everything was fine the few times i rode last season
    b4 the season ended i brought my bike to BCIT for them to check up on it (a friend of mine took a course there) and everything seemed fine except that it took more cranks to start and the clutch (maybe cable) seemed to loosen consistently...

    So b4 the this season started, i called N.Shore S/Y for them to service it and the guy told me to ride it a few hundred clicks b4 I go have all my adjustments done, i took his advice
    I went for a couple of short rides within the last few weeks and all was good but here comes the shitty part... this afternoon i washed the bike and went for a quick rip
    1. the clutch and friction point came loose gradually within a span of 15-20min
    2. when i was heading home, the chassis all of a sudden felt loose and the tightness of the bike was gone, the bike also started to steer all funny at slow speeds at 20 - 50 km/hr, this was real unnerving as there were some pretty tight corners b4 I could make it home, all the while the clutch feeling funny, at one slow corner I slid out the back end a bit and I was like what the fuk (scary)...

    so i took it home and checked the tires for leaks, deflation, oil spots but it looked fine... imma NEWBIE so i'm worried and have no clue so any suggestions, opinions, advice will be greatly appreciated , i just wanna have a good safe ride

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    sorry to laugh but thats a really funny story, because i can imagine it happening to me after i worked on something. i dunno what to suggest but head to a shop, i recomend 5th gear :P

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    l will first say i am NOT a mechanic, but to me, it sounds like you may need a new clutch cable,, for starters,,,, what you explain, about it loosening, should of course not be happening,,,,, at the beginning of a season, i always check all " nuts and bolts" for anything that may have gotten loose, from vibrations of riding, i would hate for my fairings to fall off, lol,,,, as for the steering,,,,, hummm, ??? handlebars loose,,, god knows what the could be,,,,,,,,, so your SAFEST bet, is unless you know a mechanic friend, that knows bikes to look over your bike and fix what you have wrong, is to take it to a shop,,,,, can be a more costly route, but safer

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    I'm not going to speculate. A mechanically minded friend or a manual might help a lot. I'm not one to run to a shop all the time but it might be a good idea in this case so they can do a once over on the rest of the bike as well. I like Bomax (user J1k, he's in Burnaby), Mspeed (Vancouver), and 5th Gear (White Rock).

    Since you got a great deal, I think it's money well spent to get everything checked out. It's great for peace of mind.

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    thanks peeps, i dont have a big ego so u can laugh all u want just as long as my ride runs properly after all this trouble

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    Check your rear axle nut.
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    Good luck dood!
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    Loose handling might be worn out swingarm or wheel bearings. With the bike on the centerstand, grab the rear tire and try to wiggle it sideways. Putting a finger into the gap between the swingarm and frame sometimes helps. There should be no movement. Front is the same.
    How's the steering head bearings? They should be free to rotate but no slop. Again, with the bike on the center stand and the front wheel off the ground, pull and push on the front wheel and listen for clunks. Any movement means that the steering head bearings need adjustment or are dinged from the bike hitting something.
    Not sure about the clutch but I'd guess it's shot. If it was hydraulic, I'd say you have a leak but it's probably a cable. It may be stretching but that only happens when it's frayed and strands are broken.
    Those poor little learners take a lot of punishment. Keep us posted on this one. I thought BCSC were straight shooters and thought they would come clean on a bike, especially when the problems affect the safety of the bike.

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    I was confident with BCSC too, plus I was a student of theirs...

    Slightly shifting the topic, i just called N.Shore S/Y today and they seemed to want me to do anything else possible but to bring my bike in for them to work on, they're turning away my business, i realize that its the start of the season and they must be busy as hell but their standoffish attitude and reluctance really turned me off, this is in addition to me calling last week as well...

    I've met Ben and I agree that he's great but I'm gonna give them another chance cause they finally agreed to look at it tommorrow after persistently insisting that I want it fixed...

    plus I cant bring my bike anywhere far caus if something goes wrong, I'm gonna be in lots of doo doo

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    IMHO I think that it may all be the clutch cable. Even the 'loosing the back end' and steering wobbles. I don't want to talk down to a new rider, but honestly many new riders might describe a slipping clutch as 'loosing the back end'. In a car the sensation is quite similar. Secondly I think that if a newbie really did loose the back end in a corner we would be talking about a crash, or at least a description of a near-crash. Thirdly to break the back end out, in a clean corner, either takes an extreem bank angle or lots of power at the rear wheel. An engine with a slipping clutch probably could not provide the power and a newbie would probably not lean that far willingly. A slipping clutch, again for a new rider, might also lead to wandering at low speed.

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    Get it checked out by a shop before you ride it again. That bike is gonna need some work!

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    Why don't we have some of our experienced, friendly members show up and look at the bike? Or you can swing by the library and look for a manual. If you lived near Surrey, I'd even offer to ride the death machine over to Steve the bike wrench's place but North Van is just a little too far.

    You guys are right about some kind of clutch problem. If the friction point is sliding down then the cable is stretching, the linkages are loosening or a bunch of other things that you wouldn't see unless you opened it up.

    Get a manual, save some money and have fun with it.

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    just went to n.shore s/y, pretty good guys there, fixed a threaded bolt and everything seems good now except that they told me whoever worked on my chain before cut it a lil' short so my wheelbase is a lil short, but its all cool... the things I have to go through cause i didn't win that damn lottery hehe

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