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    Angry crazy world...

    Two days ago, some pregnant lady rang the doorbell at my house. I was away at the time but my mom and my sister were home. My mom opened the door and the pregnant lady said that she was about to go into labor and needed a ride. My mom, being the caring person that she is, became frantic and agreed to drive her to a hospital or basically wherever she needed to go. This lady asked my mom and my sister to take her to a residential area in Coquitlam, then she asked my mom and sister to wait in the car for her. She then left the car...
    While my mom and sister waited patiently in the car, my mom discovers that her wallet is gone!....
    the pregnant lady ran off with my mom's wallet and never came back to the car....
    my mom had over a thousand dollars with her that day cause she was about to go on a trip back to taiwan...
    Now my mom lost 1000's in cash...and she cant go on her trip anymore....
    ...I cant believe there are people in the world who can stoop that low for some cash...
    no wonder there arent any people helping each other anymore...

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    When did the pregnant lady have a chance to grab the wallet? I wonder how the perp. would have reacted if you phoned for an ambulance. Can't trust nobody now adays.

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    I'm very sorry that your mom was taken this way.

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    i guess your mom has never heard of an ambulance, huh?

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    holy crap... I'm sorry what happened to your mom... unfortunate, but I hope it doesn't prevent you from helping those in need in the future! Did you guys get a description of the woman and file a police report? I mean chances are she probably lives or know someone who lives in that neighbourhood...
    Hope your mom's trip gets back on track
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    Ambulances don't take pregnant women to the hospital unless the mother or the baby are in serious (life-threatening) trouble.

    Labour is a slow-building process for most women. It's hours from the start of labour 'til the baby is born (though it's different for every woman).

    Why didn't your mom call a taxi?!

    Sorry that your mom got robbed, but c'mon, carrying a $1000 in your purse? Hell, if you ABSOLUTELY MUST carry around that kinda cash, you better well be friggin SMART about it and guard it appropriately. Especially when losing the money results in cancelling your trip and no doubt other plans.

    I'm all for helping people, but c'mon, you've got to make sure you're looking after yourself first. Because there ARE people out there looking to take advantage of you.

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    Sorry to hear about her misfortune.
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    She was able to take the wallet without either your mom or sister seeing? Must be a pretty experienced thief. Hmm, wonder if she somehow knew your mom had a sizable quantity of cash on hand...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vertigo
    i guess your mom has never heard of an ambulance, huh?
    ...or travellers cheques.
    What was it all about?

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    Man, that sux...
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    That's low.
    My blood hurts.

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    SHiddy deal

    I believe in carma she will probably have a real ugly baby...heh.
    I think spinks mom musta done bad in her time
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    oooooooh that hurts some fierce

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    Sux for you mom but she shouldn't have carried that much cash anyway.
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    Welcome to our world...sorry to hear.

    Not to dump on you specifically or anything, but why is it that bad happenings are usually the things that are reported.
    I swear, this is why news casts exists - to report what bad has happened in the world today.....its depressing watching the news sometimes.

    Things like Gixxstars bike being recovered is a "good thing" (right martha?).

    We need more positive reports, otherwise all we begin to see is the negative because there is MUCH more good happening out there than there is bad.

    If I can say that while living in Nanaimo, then things cant be all that bad

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