latest performance # on new bikes from UK
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Thread: latest performance # on new bikes from UK

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    latest performance # on new bikes from UK

    Motorcycle news reports on there web site that next weeks print version has the latest test of all 4 litre bikes with the following numbers reported

    bike hp t top speed mph

    r1 147.9 70.47 177
    zx10 147.7 74.6 176.3
    cbr1000 146.6 73.9 178.15
    gsxr1000 144.4 73.9 175.57

    I would think these are fairly representitive as Andy's gsxr1000 at future cycle stock was 143 and Biew's R1 stock was 145 and these are very consistent with the above numbers from the other side of the world on a different dyno. For all intents and purposes the bikes are the same so chose your weapon of choice based on which one you like the best, and which one fits your physical size the best.

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    I was thinking that the 1000RR and the GSXR1000 are very close in performance specs. They produce very similar power and almost the exact same torque curve (from sport rider's dyno).

    The power is there for all the bikes.. i guess it's down to the other specs (braking, suspension, feel etc etc) that will determine which bike people will like.

    Which bike do you guys think will sell the most??
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    Wow they all sure are close.

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