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    integrated signals

    Does anybody know where i can get one of those kits that integrate my signals into my tail lights for a 600 rr? I was also wondering if flushmounts are illegal or not. Thanks.

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    Buy a kit for a trailer (crappy tire, lordco?) or you can get them on ebay. Read the description carefully. I'm still figuring it out but some don't like LED's. I've been using hand signals all week. Supposedly that's all you legally need.

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    I think that I know what your problem might be gixxstar.
    Does the kit blink too quickly, too slowly, or not at all?
    Chances are that the LEDs are not puling enough current. If you install some resistors in parrallel with each of the LED banks it might help. If you send me the specs I might be able to do the math for you.


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    Hotbodies apparently has a device that goes into the wiring and works with LED's and turns the brake light/tail light into blinkers aswell. carefull though guys cause the law says that rear turn signals must be a certain size and distance away from the brake/tail light. the Hotbodies piece can be found on Ebay for pretty cheap.
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    I had an integrator from VFX for my R6 - worked really well, cost about $100 if memory serves, great instructions for installation and no messing around with coils/resistors/etc to impedance-match the trailer relay kit with the bike's blinker circuit.


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    The Canadian Tire Trailer kit won't work with the RR (or any bike with LED brake lights). It counts on there being two separate bulbs in the brake light. To integrate your turn signals into your tail light with LEDs you have to break the array up into different components in order to get them to behave as signals rather than as a single block of light. For the RR you can get integraters from MD Wright and

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