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    Delivery and truck drivers

    A few questions for truck drivers out there. If I have a flatdeck truck can i go work for a delivery company? I assume it would be easier to sub contract from an existing company rather than trying to start my own. So im wondering if I would need a special liscence or if the truck has to meet any requirements. If anyone has any information let me know. Im not really sure where to find out all this stuff.

    Basically im thinking about buyin a f-450 flatdeck and wondering how to get into the business. And if there is any money to be made.

    Thanx in advance for an info.
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    Go talk to one of the companies that hire owner operators and they'll be glad to give you the lowdown, but remember that they may make things look a little better than reality because it's in their interest to entice you to sign on.

    One more thing: there isn't any money in being an owner-operator. The revenues are fairly big, but your expenses will be huge too. You'll work your ass off for 60 hours a week and probably end up making about $45,000 a year after it's all tallied up. You could make that with a $21.00 an hour job and never work a minute overtime.
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