Anyone taking your Action course from mid-March to End-April
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Thread: Anyone taking your Action course from mid-March to End-April

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    Cool Anyone taking your Action course from mid-March to End-April

    Hi everyone, this is just my first time posting in this forum. If I realize here is a sport bikes forum for BC, I wouldn't have to spend so much time finding out information. Anyway, hello guys.

    I just got my learner licence early this week. The first thing I did was to call Action. However, they are so full and the next availiable course would be April 22nd. I didn't know it would take so long, and I guess they are just the best and everyone wants to learn from them. I also tried to call ProRide, but couldn't reach anyone and I just left a message and still haven't recieved a call back. With the last couple days that staying in here, Action would be my final choice.

    I am hoping if anyone booked their course from mid-March to mid-April (of course through Action), and you are willing to switch to a later time, please let me know. Although April 22nd isn't that far away, I would have to leave town to Japan on mid or late May. That means the time I have is just less than a month. I will be getting a bike in Japan, and I want to practice very well before I go to japan. Here is just my little story, it is ok if you guys don't want to switch, I will still take the course, and good luck with your tests.

    If anyone is taking the course on April 22nd, please post here as well. We might be in the same class.

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    Try BC safty council...

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    welcome <<---- bcsb welcome

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