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    Free stuff

    hey guys, i m packing my stuff, here are some things i need to get rid of:

    Canon BJC2000 color jet printer, need new cartridges, comes with CD, menu

    Ethernet cable, for broadband internet, dont know exactly how long, but at least 40M

    wheel mouse/mouse

    cable for TV, very long, at least 30M

    toy gun with virbration for playstation 1 or Sega saturn, for the shooting game such as Time Crises

    dancing mat for playstation 1, for the game Dance Dance Revoloution (DDR)

    outdated MP3 player, DOESN't have internal memory, but has an CF card slot, u can put whatever memory in, for win98 only, comes with CD, menu

    lots of motorcycle magazine, mostly chinese, some english

    i will add more, PM me please, thanks

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    everything is gone within one hour, except for the mouse and magazine. those who got my PM, it is yours now, so come and pick it up, thanks

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