Ever travelled the caribbean?
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Thread: Ever travelled the caribbean?

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    Ever travelled the caribbean?

    just wanted to know from those of you who've actually ventured out this way, as to what your experiences were.

    costs? sanity?...

    looks like a cool place......happened to see a few properties for sale there, but the "world fact book" didn't have much to say about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rearwheelrider
    the "world fact book" didn't have much to say about it.
    that's because for the most part, there's not that much to say - it's pretty chill and most of the tax havens are gone post 911

    there's a lot of selection down there though, there's a lot of different countries and there's a pretty huge variety

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    i have travelled there as a kid for 3 months,,,,, great experiences,,, went to barbados, st. lucia, martinque, ect.... lived on barbados for a month,,, stayed in a rented house,, great place, friendly people,,,,, then travelled around to the other islands on a 65 foot sail boat,,,,, that too was rented, only my family on it and the crew, that was really fun, however the only thing i can say , is that some islands french is spoken, and there is a tad bit of english vs french feelings, but not sure if that still exsists, since i went about 30 years ago,,, i dont know the excat price of this trip, but i do know it was expensive there,,,, not sure about cost of living now, compared to then,,,,, good luck if your wanting to go there,,,,,, its beautiful

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    My family has a house on Paradise Island Bahammas and my fiance and I are probably doing are wedding there. I love it man, soo relaxed. Just gotta watch your ass like anywhere specially at night. At night take cabs to specific destinations. i dont suggest wandering around solo. ive seen some wierd shit there. been chased into a donut shop by 50 crack heads that just appeared outa no where.. but being harassed is something that comes with the teritory there. during the day they try to sell you everything under the sun if you go into the towns away from the resort areas, but that can be fun..bartering with them or if they get too pushy push back...try to sell them your watch or somethin..follow them around for 5 min..they get so mad..is soo funny.
    AT night outside the resort areas is the only place you really need to be on guard and i probably make it seem far worse than it really is. if you buy a place there or go there a lot you meet locals from shops who take you out and show you what the tourists dont get to see like little festivals and neat things like that. good food too.
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