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    Many R1 Parts

    I have lots of parts from one parts bike (2001) and my 1998 R1. I will list some of the major parts I have and can remeber. Be sure to ask for parts that are not listed as well! I'm open to offers and will ship them as well! I know there a ver few details, please contact with any questions. Lots of the parts can be used threw out 1998-2001. Thanks Greg!

    2001 complete tail section
    2001 black seats
    1998 red seats
    1998 complete motor with 60000km runs great, very well matained!
    damaged 2001 tank
    ign with all other locks
    1998 swingarm
    top triple clamp
    2001 insturment cluster
    foot controls
    1998 rear rim (with gash in it, can be repaired)
    2001 frame, mint sub frame but damaged under steering tube (can be sent out and fixed)
    full stock exhuast
    elec fan
    rad cap
    horn mount
    throttle assy. with cables
    clutch mount, switch and level
    clutch cable
    full elec system
    front and rear brake assy. may have rotors
    front sproket cover
    chain guard
    suspension linkages
    Brand new 1998 R1 shop manual
    Have all brand new stickers for the bike (1998)
    Many parts are not listed!

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    Also have a blue mid pannel that will fit a 1998-2001 R1

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