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    I'm interested in changing the displacement of my KE100 from 100ccs to 111ccs or more. Is it feasible to do this in Vancouver?

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    If you can buy a kit of the parts then any decent dealer can put it in even if the cylinder needs to be sent out for reboring or re-sleeving.

    If this is an off the wall original idea that has no piston and other bits kit available then I think you should lie down until the feeling goes away. WAY too much money to develop something like that for a po' lil ol' KE100.
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    Anything to do with ICBC? I told my buddy it was worth it to just buy a non-working parts bike with a title. All you need is the registration. Maybe an enduro like a Dt175. Cheers and good luck

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    Thing is, I've already got a KE100. So after reboring the engine, thus changing the displacement, I'd be legal obligated to change the displacement as recorded on the vehicle registration, right? And then insure it in the 110cc-400cc displacement category, which is not exempt from the claim-rated scale!

    Yes I know it would be an utter waste of money for me to go and actually go out and do this! I'm just being hypothetical, here, incase I decide to do this.

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