Stunts! Tricks! Hooliganism!!!
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Thread: Stunts! Tricks! Hooliganism!!!

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    Stunts! Tricks! Hooliganism!!!

    1. What kind of tricks can you perform? (Perform well, not feebly).
    2. Where is the best piece of pavement to try performing these stunts? (Wide, clean, curbless, traffic free, police free roads)

    Generally speaking, I'm sure it's safe to say that most of us don't want to see posts that only say: "Wow!" "Good job!" or those posts with just a smiley face etc...we want to hear about the really eye popping stuff that is performed in a pedestrian free environment.

    The idea here is to eventually get some people together to show each other tricks and amuse ourselves.

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    I can perform the feeble wheelie and I can sit on the tank while riding real good.

    I can also lay back and steer with my feet on the handlegrips

    Just call me an Icy Hot Stunta.

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    alright dennis don't even think about it!your getting that itch i can tell,god help us all when you get your bike rolling!

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