Selling a complete 88 katana 600 engine with carbs,airbox headers, cdi module. about 32 thousand km on it. valves were just adjusted, it needs a little side cover(road rash-swapped the good one off the 600 to my 750 and the rashed one to the 600)
Also fairings from the same 88 katana- need some repairs. tail pieces not included. also brand new suzuki air filter
and the original 88' rear wheel but it has a slight dent( but i had the bike to about 100 and couldnt feel any vibration, and the sprocket is good)
Engine was swapped for a 750 and bike converted into a streetfighter so selling off all the extras( and now also selling the bike since i want a late model KLR650 now)
Would rather sell everething at once but will separate...need to clear room in the garage. very reasonable prices. email me at