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    Remove Instigator Rule

    With the events of the last two meetings with the Canucks and Avs it leads me to ask the question: Why the hell do we still have this rule?
    Before this rule opponents could expect serious retaliation if you messed with a teams top players.
    For instance, after Moore hit Naslund, Brad May could have done much worse then and there and only receive a fighting major, and maybe a misconduct.
    As it stands now players are penalised for being the first to retaliate by assesing Instigator penalties plus roughing or fighting Majors/minors.
    If the league is not going to take preventative measures then maybe it's time to let the players police themselves again, and let players like Steve Moore answer to a higher court.

    BTW. Before the " Humanitarians " of this board go to gather their proverbial torches and pitchforks, I'm not condoning what Bert did. I'm only saying that there is a very likely chance this never would have happened if the League would pull it's collective head out of it's ass.
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    I wish.
    Ok, either people should start posting to the same threads, or we need to create a Canucks forum.
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    Quote Originally Posted by adamantium
    Ok, either people should start posting to the same threads, or we need to create a Canucks forum.

    That may not be a bad idea Adam.

    We should have a Canucks Forum.

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