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    Hey, I have a 2001 SV650 with 6000Km's. When cruising, light throttle keeping speed, then engine makes a ticking noise. It also makes the noise when decel at about 3000RPM's. It sounds like a car with a noisy lifter.

    I have been told that this noise is normal for a SV. I have also heard that the timing chain tensioners are noisy on the SV, and Suzuki won't to anything about it under en extended warranty situation.

    If there is anything that can fix it, I want to do it. It is rather annoying riding around the city when the exhaust doesn't drown out the noise, like on the highway.


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    I've had my SV for a few years now (3rd season) and there are a few big message board/ websites for these bikes. and are the two i used to look at.

    NEways, with the ticking, it has been said to be the cam chain tensioner, which is an automatic type, which should somehow click into another notch when it gets too bad. One fix i've read before was to change the tensioner to a manual one so adjustments can be made. I don't know how do-able this is though.

    I just leave it alone, like the clunky noise i get from the floating rotors.

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    Get an aftermarket exhaust and make that twin really thump. Shouldn't be able to hear the ticking then
    Or get the manual CCT, they work like a hot damn.

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    I dont even remember
    only the best
    you sv guys just want to be like us f4I guys....

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    Or go see BOMAX.

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    Ticking is gone???!?!?!?!?!?!

    I have a Arrow pipe on the bike, so all I have to do is drop a couple of gears and the ticking is gone!!!!!! Noise is great.

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