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    Cool New Experience

    Hi Guys,

    Just got back from a ride to Chilliwack and back (Surrey). Fought head/crosswinds all the way up and was surprised at how much they affect a modern sportbike (Honda VFR 800). Ran at a fairly steady 110-115 and felt I was having to push fairly hard to maintain that speed and keep the bike in my own lane. Coming back was a breeze, much more pleasant. Beautiful day for a ride, sun was warm, mountains looked great none of the cagers did anything dumb.

    Hope you got a chance to get out and enjoy the day too.


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    You should try the crosswinds while going across the Alex Fraser bridge on a windy day. It's pretty cool.

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    Alex fraser is a good one, I don't think i get get the bike past 140 it was so unstable.

    Another good oone is going through the okanagan right before Keremeos (spelling anyone??) and Osoyoos (again with the spelling). Long straight streches at 160km...then a huge gust of wind 'll send you to the other side of the lane in a hurry.
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    Damn, I wish I could get out and enjoy the day today...

    I hear you about the winds though. The worst I've ever experienced was about 100kms south of Sacremento last Spring. The road was striaght and flat (we were on the dreadfully boring I-5) and I was about 30m behind Sewman. We were fighting the side winds so hard, I could actually see his bike at a pretty decent lean despite the fact that he was moving in a straight line.

    edit - with respect to the posts above, I actually find it easier (more stable) to be going fast (>150kmh) in high winds, rather than going slow (<120kmh).
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