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    Superbike magazine

    What is the best sport bike magazine out there? last night i baught a copy of SUPERBIKE... that's a pretty good issue considering they have lots of stuff on bikes there plus pictures of chicks.... I have also in the past baught bike magazine which is cool cause it has write ups on a whole wack load of different bikes and a pricing section... even tho it is in english pounds... lacking some girlies in that magazine tho... what do you guys think?

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    Fast Bikes from England is about my favourite. No BS, just how the thing rode and how bad they crashed and a whole bunch of racers writin' down in their own words. And the way they write their stories just makes me laugh. Performance Bikes isn't too bad either, haven't read any of T.W.O. yet but they took most of the good writers from Superbike when they started that one up. Pretty bored with the North American rags except for Sport Rider and that is only 6 times a year.

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    Superbike for the articles of course, and Fast Bikes, plus Cycle Canada has good articles.
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    TWO out of England is my new fave, been following it since it came out a year or so ago. Really good mag, but kinda pricey.

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    I think Superbike is my favorite motorcycle magazine. I like the way they write, I feel I sorta have gotten to know the writers after reading so many issues. Right up my ally.

    Oh, ya, and the chicks don't hurt either.

    I do like the way they try to sell insurance in the UK.
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    The Euro mags rock!

    I find them much more entertaining and informative than the US mags. I think sport bikes are more mainstream there and judging from the ads, they certainly have more tuners and aftermarket parts available.

    One of them, Fast Bike, I believe even has to buy it's own test bikes, (gotta love these guys), so you know your getting honest evaluations. They also review and modify older bikes, I like that, not everyone can afford/wants a new bike.

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