Looking for input on older bike
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Thread: Looking for input on older bike

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    Looking for input on older bike

    Anyone ever own an xj 550r yamaha (1982)
    thinking of buying one for cheap until I find a sport bike in my area.
    this bike is clean,has good rubber,some oil leaks around cam cover
    but not too bad.
    Also looking for some pics if anyone has any.

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    I'm not familiar with that bike.Sounds like it's rare,and with rare bikes comes rare parts!
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    As I don't think there literally was an 82 XJ550R, I'm guessing it's an XJ550RJ (Seca) as oppsed to the other Yamaha XJ 550, the Maxim (slightly different chasis. More of a cruiser.)

    Here are a few pictures, one of a typical Seca 550, one with the optional partial fairing, and one of a Maxim incase it ends up being that (you find a lot more Maxim's then Seca's out there.)

    It's still fairly easy to find parts for these things, as a lot of them are still being made new from Yamaha. There's also a lot in the junkers. Many parts between all the XJ models are swappable so you may not get an exact replacement, but something that'll work.

    If it's mechanicaly sound and the price is right, I'd say go for it. I think you'll enjoy it. Great first bike too.

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