Will this chain work??
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Thread: Will this chain work??

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    Question Will this chain work??

    I got a 93 Kawasaki zx6 and im lookin for a chain,im almost positive i need a 530, so heres one that id like some advice on wether or not i can use it and wether or not its gonna be a reliable chain.

    [Its a KMC 530 O-Ring chain 120 links, and says it will fit sport bikes up to 600cc. Will this chain work on my Ninja and will it be reliable??...thanks for any advice.

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    Ok, no-body else will touch this so..

    Is this the KMC, 520 Standard Chain, selling for $19.95 US at Motorcycle superstore?

    So who is KMC?
    "KMC is a leading manufacturer of bicycle, motorcycle, automobile and industrial transmission chains. And we are proud to say that we have established friendly and cooperative ties with such partners as John Deere, Diamond, Daido, KCM, Yamaha, Honda, ... " (made in china)
    Ref: http://kmc.en.alibaba.com/

    From the KMC website, they say the chains are made under ANSI standards and have both standard and O-ring versions. The advert at the top says nothing about O-rings so it probably is a standard chain.

    This is a "get what you pay for" or "leap of faith" thing. Standard chains are not as good as O-rings but they are cheeper. If you're replacing the sprockets too (good idea), you might want to go with an O-ring chain so you're nice new sprockets last a while. Is this bike a keeper and you plan to do some miles or is this a one summer wonder? If it's the later, you could go with the normal chain but it's not far from the best way to fix it.

    Go to BBY Kawi and ask for recomendations. I'd replace sprockets and brand name O-ring chain and then the next owners of the bike would thank you too.

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