trying to start the bike
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Thread: trying to start the bike

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    trying to start the bike

    i was trying to start her up and after turning over and over (without actually starting)there was a LOUD BOOM and i saw a quick flame shoot out the exhaust ??

    therefore i tried it again and same thing happens .. she's trying to start and BOOM !! a loud bang without a quick flames out the exhaust ??

    just wondering if it is normal or whether i f#cked up the bike ??


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    You probably have it flooded.........big time! Easy to do in colder weather. Your plugs may be fouled so you may have to pull them and clean them, or least dry them off.
    The BOOM was the unburned gas igniting in the exhaustby an errant spark from one of the plugs. Not likely you hurt anything as the construction of most bike exhausts is pretty robust.
    You may get it to start, by using no choke(assuming t's carberated), holding the throttle wide open and then cranking it. This will probably work as well if it's injected.
    Often leaving a flooded motor a few hours will dry the plugs off enough it will fire up. Most modern bikes have a pretty strong spark unless the plugs are fouled and dripping wet with gas.
    Good Luck!

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    leavin my F4I (injected of course) to sit didn't do anything when mine was flooded... you had to crank the trottle wide open and let it turn over for a while and then the biyatch finally kicked in.

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