OUC now UBC.. people that know stuff, plz read
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Thread: OUC now UBC.. people that know stuff, plz read

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    OUC now UBC.. people that know stuff, plz read

    so OUC is now becoming UBC.. thats cool

    id like to know if anyone knows any information on the following. i've searched UBC's site and other sites and have not found an answer.

    but the real important question is. will OUC in kelowna have new courses, the advanced health/science courses that UBC vancouver has? courses like nutrition, kinesology, physiology, etc.

    OUC has the bare bones health stuff. it would be really nice if i could get a BSc in kinesology/physiology, or even a degree in kelowna. doon't really want to goto van unless i have to

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    ubc doesn't have kinesiology (to my understanding)...that's an SFU program...UBC has "human kinetics" instead

    I don't think that the full course offerings will be available through OUC for some time, I think it's going to be a phased in thing that will take some time and ultimately, ouc will still never have all the courses UBC has
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    My 2cents? Expect the basics to be brought in first, along with a few niche degrees if the demand is high enough. I doubt there'd be a full offering as it's only a satalite campus. It'd be like going to SFU Surrey. You can get a degree there, but only in a few faculties.

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    I think the only thing that'll change is the cost, i doubt that being a part of UBC will change OUC's course line up.... At least for the time being
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    What Phil said.

    UCC here in Kamloops has just been granted full university status... this is so exciting! Hopefully by the time I finish my degree I'll be able to get my Masters here too
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    Shit, you know, I just got an email about this from UBC and I didn't save it. What I got from it was there will be some research labs and facilities farmed out there. The overenrolled undergrad general arts and sciences degrees will also be availible so that you get a UBC degree. I didn't see anything about specialized faculty degree programs. I think there was two timelines. 2006 rings a bell. Sorry I can't say a whole lot more. It was a long message but most was the usual bullshit.

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    I think this is the e-mail gixxstar is talking about. Nothing too interesting in it...but if you care to read, here it is:

    TO: All Members of the UBC Community

    FROM: President Martha Piper

    DATE: 17 March 2004

    SUBJECT: UBC - Okanagan Announcement

    The B.C. government today announced a plan to address the pressing
    need for more university spaces in the province. It has asked UBC to
    establish a campus with undergraduate, graduate and research programs
    in Kelowna, to serve the Okanagan region and beyond.

    UBC Okanagan will begin offering programs at what is now the North
    Kelowna campus of Okanagan University College (OUC) starting in
    September 2005. The first UBC degrees will be granted in May 2006. The
    provincial government will fund the growth of university spaces at our
    new campus from the current 3,000 to 7,500 by 2009.

    To facilitate the transition, the government has appointed an
    administrator to operate OUC until August 2005. The administrator
    will help oversee the movement of OUC degree programs and assets to
    UBC, and assist in the transfer of diploma and certificate programs to
    a new college. This will be done in close consultation with our new
    colleagues in Kelowna, and with the utmost sensitivity to their

    I know you will grasp the significance of today's announcement for our
    province and our university. The plan will substantially improve
    student access in B.C. by more than doubling the number of university
    spaces in the Okanagan. It will provide residents of this fast-growing
    region of B.C. immediate access to one of Canada's leading
    research-intensive universities.

    UBC has always had a special role in serving the people of B.C. with a
    distinctive education and leading-edge research. The development of a
    new UBC campus in Kelowna validates and enhances our provincial
    mandate, offers compelling academic and research benefits, and
    provides the opportunity for UBC to create two distinct campus
    experiences for our communities.

    This is an exciting development in UBC's history, and I hope you will
    agree that it will significantly advance our vision to be Canada's
    best university. By expanding access in the Interior, the plan will
    relieve current pressure on core UBC Arts and Sciences programs, while
    opening valuable program and study options in a new and distinctive
    campus setting. UBC Okanagan also holds the prospect of new research
    opportunities and partnerships that are important to B.C. and Canada.

    There is much work to do in the next 18 months. The amalgamation of
    OUC programs with those of UBC, and the identification of Kelowna
    graduate and research programs, will be a complex process. In putting
    this plan into effect, we must have an approach that honours the
    excellent people and programs of OUC, and invites their input as well
    as input by UBC faculty and staff in order to maximize academic and
    research synergies. UBC will begin working immediately with the OUC
    administrator and Okanagan residents to map out the transition and to
    establish UBC Okanagan in a way that respects the achievements of OUC
    and the aspirations of the communities it has served.

    To provide initial information to the UBC campus community, a campus
    information session will be held today, 17 March 2004, at 4 pm at Hebb
    Theatre, 2045 East Mall. All are welcome.


    Information is also available on the Web at
    http://www.ubc.ca/okanagan, which will carry video clips of today's
    formal announcement in Kelowna.

    I hope you will share my sense of excitement and anticipation at the
    prospect of this dramatic opportunity to contribute to the growth,
    well-being and prosperity of a vitally-important region of British


    Martha Piper

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    Wow, that's some pretty big news.

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    That e-mail (and hece official decision) just came out last Wednesday, so don't expect a revamped course list any time in the very near future.
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    All I know is that I really hope pharmacy gets moved out here. I highly doubt it will be but that would be really sweet if it did.

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