I havn't been around bcsb for some time now because I moved to Switzerland for the winter to do some skiing. I sold my '92 Kawasaki ZX6 just in time to get a ticked and fly over here, now that I've saved some money over here and I will be coming back to Vancouver soon I plan to put some money down for a new bike! While in Switzerland I have discovered some amazing roads and a great riding scene, but I need to get a motorcycle over here! My plan is to come back next summer, find some work again and bring my bike with me to do a season here.

My question is if any of you have biked overseas, if you shipped or bought over here, what kind of cost are there for shipping and what kind of licencing and insurance do you need to do this?

If any of you have had the pleasure of riding beforein Europe I'd love to hear some stories, and if you havn't, I definatly can say that Switzerland is one of the most beautiful places you could possibly ride. The roads are spectacular and extremely well maintained, the drivers are smart and considerate, and the scenery is second to none. Though I can't complain about beautiful BC in any way, but to do a riding season here would be an experience of a lifetime.

In case you are wondering I am in Interlaken Switzerland, about an hour south of Bern, the capital of Switzerland. Its a pretty small town at the foot of the alps, nestled between two lakes, with plenty of quiet, twisty lakeside roads, mountain passes and highways through the Valleys. With the weather here warming up the bikes are coming out and I'm itching to get some horepower between my legs.

Ride hard,