Any Van Islers going to Mission this year?
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Thread: Any Van Islers going to Mission this year?

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    Any Van Islers going to Mission this year?

    If theres anyone from Vancouver Island going to Mission for any of the following dates:

    Monday April 19, 2004 - Practice & Race School
    Saturday May 22, 2004 - Practice
    Sunday May 23, 2004 - Race (Round 1)
    Monday June 21, 2004 - Practice
    Saturday July 24, 2004 - Race (Round 2)
    Sunday July 25, 2004 - Race (Round 3)
    Monday August 16, 2004 - Practice
    Saturday October 2, 2004 - Race (Round 4)
    Sunday October 3, 2004 - Race (Round 5)

    ...maybe we could all organize some sort of car pool. Volunteers and riders should get together to make the trips, could certainly bring your costs of traveling down.

    I would like to go, but the cost of ferrys and gas all that way, by myself sucks. PM me, or email me at
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    Jason R
    Remember if your a racer and you bring a voluneteer along, that will get you out of paying the 50 dollar charge for being a lazy unsuportive to the club bastard.

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