modern auto plating polishes my rims
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Thread: modern auto plating polishes my rims

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    modern auto plating polishes my rims

    Ok so I've read good and bad reviews about taking my rims to these guys to get my rims finished.I started and finished about 90% of the polishing of my rims when I decided to have them finished professionally,so living a couple blocks from modern auto plating I figured it would be ok.So I go down there and Rudy,the guy who runs the shop isn't there so I leave my rims there for an estimate and the next day he calls me with an estimate of $200.that seems about right considering its almost done.So anyways he says 7 to 10 days and he says he'll call me in a few days.ok so now this is where I get pissed.2 weeks go by and I leave a message,and another,and another and now its been 3 weeks past when I was supposed to pick them up and he wont take my calls or return my calls.I paid him a visit freaked out on him(long story)and they were ready the next day.but their anyone thats going to have this prick do their polishing?dont bother..I guess he wasnt exactly expecting a pissed off guy like me to be chasing him around the shop.he changed his tune real quick.My ol man actually watched the whole incident and he was laughung his ass off.but now i still have a bit of polishing to do but whatever.would definetely not recommend this place.

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    I've called there about 5 times regarding chroming......never returns yer calls.
    I won't call again.

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    modern's automotive repairs suck also . i have had bumpers and and various parts chromed there,, umm big mistake.

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    thanks for the heads up!!
    That that doesn't kill us forces us to live with a busted up bike!!

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    i had some old taillights re-chromed by them a few yrs ago .They said pick em up in a few weeks .took three months ,no returned calls,they even gave me some bullshit about they are in the warehouse and it wil take em a few days to find them .finally 4 months later i told him i'm comming to get them whether i have to go through the wharehouse myself with a ax and shovel .When i showed up they were done alright,,looks like they spent al of 10 min doing them ,looked like shit ,and wouldnt let me have em til i paid .sometimes you just have to pay to teach yourself never to go back .
    Definately wont recomend these goofs.

    When i was doing cars i tried every chrome place in town ,,the best is Superior Electro Plating & Anodizing (1980) Limited
    17515 56A Avenue, Surrey, BC V3S1G2
    (604) 574-5014 expensive and ya gotta wait but the quality is always good .talk to KALEB i had a wheel polished turned out really good i thought ,,turnaround was a fewdays .

    HY-LUSTRE used to be my only chrome polish source but he went out of buisness a year ago .

    or for plastic chrome try CV vacuum platers (heard some shitty stories about other people going there but i had over a hundred pieces by him and i was always happy )

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