Infinity 1030W 10" Car Subwoofer 150$
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Thread: Infinity 1030W 10" Car Subwoofer 150$

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    Infinity 1030W 10" Car Subwoofer 150$

    Wow what a deal? How good is this woofer? Can people hear me coming down the street with this woofer?
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    If you're new to car audio subwoofers I would highly recommend you go with a single 12inch or multiple 12inch subs. You'll soon feel that your single 10inch isn't loud enough or doesn't hit hard enough. I've been there - done that.

    It's all about cubic inches (total cone area) and Xmax, the measurement of how far the woofer cone can travel back and forth. The higher the Xmax measurement and the larger the cone the louder it sounds.

    Infinity are fairly decent subs. That particular model isn't all that heavy duty. Look at the specs, 250wrms (don't look at peak watts - means nothing), 2inch voicecoil.

    I started out with a 10inch Denon sub back in 1991. Then to a 15inch Cerwin Vega. Going from a cheap Sherwood 2x100w amp to a Rodek with 500wrms. Blew the CV sub twice. Then moved from a Ranger to an F150. Added a 1cu ft box with an Audiobahn Alum12, same amp.

    The alum12 took more power than the 15inch CV but 500wrms was pushing it pretty hard. Then I picked up some US Acoustics amps from the manufacturer in the U.S. real cheap. Put a USX1000F amp on the alum12 and I could smell the voicecoil. Upgraded to a slightly used Beyond Audio Inhuman 12incher which takes most of the 1000wrms the amp puts out. I paid $525cdn for the sub, used.

    Have a look at the forums at , these people are all into SPL competitions and ultra-high excursion subs.

    If you're just looking for avg. bass I'd recommend any decent 12inch sub and 180-300wrms amp. Look for subs that will be happy in small sealed enclosures if you want to keep most of your trunk space.

    Keep it stealth. Don't put stupid stereo brand stickers on your vehicle and keep components hidden from view. Turn your stereo WAY down 1/2km before you get home or stop to park and you'll keep your system for many years. If you don't follow those rules sooner or later you'll be the victim of a break-in/theft. Don't forget to budget at least $200 on a decent alarm system with starter kill. I've had good luck with Alpine units last few years (never falsing) and set it so you have to punch the windshield hard to set it off. When it does go off get your baseball bat and go get'em as it will be for real, not some bird taking a crap on your ride. People that set their car alarms that sensitivie are IDIOTS.

    Some of this may be a bit dated but good basic information here to get you started: click here.

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    thanks man.

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