Minor adjustment goes horribly wrong...........
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Thread: Minor adjustment goes horribly wrong...........

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    Minor adjustment goes horribly wrong...........

    Good day folks, I think I'm gunna be looking for some help in the near future. While adjusting the bars on my new CBR 919, I had loosened bolts to be readjusting everything else attached to said bars, when I of course managed to accidentally bump the front brake lever. A loud 'SPLOOP' and spurt of brake fluid led me to check the lever and after tightening things back up, I'm left with a brake with the consistency of sponge-cake.
    I will of course be before I get back into it, but I'm pretty sure that I'll need a body to keep the bike centered while I'm bleeding fluid. If anybody's done this to themselves before and doesn't mind sharing their knowledge, will pay beer.

    Thanks; Mike

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    What did you undo to let brake fluid out?

    Top the reservoir up and put the bike on it's side stand with the bars turned to the left and leave it for an hour. Then gently and slowly squeeze the brake lever and slowly release a couple of times. Any air should have now moved back into the master cylinder. You can also leave the bike overnight with the brake lever pulled in and taped/zip tied to the bars.

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    I loosened the 90 degree hose fitting into the reservoir. While rotating the bars, the hose started to get a bend in it that I didn't like too much, right at the fitting itself. So while making my adjustments I was loosening it slightly and then retightening it every time I checked the setup on the bars. Immediately after my moment of idiocy , I pumped the lever until I felt a little bit of pressure build up again. Right about then I ran out of time to f*kk with it and thought asking somebody more knowledgeable then myself was a good idea. It has now been stored overnight on the side stand, wheel to the left, with some pressure in the system. Without any zaps on it, should I let it sit another night strapped?
    And once the air bubble is back in the master cylinder , life should be good right?


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    Make sure to clean off all the brake fluid. That shit eats paint for breakfast.

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    You can use a rubber band or spare bungie cord or even a bit of electrical tape as well as a zip tie. Anything that pulls the lever in and keeps some pressure on the system. The idea is that you increase the pressure in the braking system and that reduces the size of the air bubble so it can float upwards easier. Keep it strapped in for an hour or more at a time and then try a few pumpings to hopefully pop the bubble back into the reservoir. If it doesn't work after 8 or 10 tries you'll need to bleed it properley.

    You don't need a second person to bleed the system. The bike can sit on the side stand but you may need to pivot the bars so that the reservoir sits roughly level so you can top it up as you bleed the system.

    Get some clear vinyl line that fits your bleeder nipple and run it into a jar to hold the bleed fluid. Then you need to stroke, stroke, hold the lever, ease off the bleeder so the lever sags to the grip, pinch the bleeder tight then repeat. It'll take 6 or 8 cycles to pass the air bubble down to the caliper and bleed it out. Do the caliper on the right side for starters and you may not need to do the left at all.

    I know you've learned your lesson but for the kids reading in at home lossening the banjo fittings on a brake system is NOT a good idea unless you're planning on bleeding it. The air bubble may have gotten in at any time and not neccessarily when you pushed the lever, although that's the most likely time.
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