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    ZX-6R Stuff

    Hey Folks,

    I have sold my 2002 ZX-6R because insurance here (Ontario) is.. @ssinine.... and bought an SV1000S which is $2000 per year CHEAPER!!! Go Figure.

    Anyhoo - I thought I was going to have the Kawi for a long time, so I crash proofed the damn thing, and I never crashed it. So I have a whole wack of goodies.

    R&G Frame sliders that bolt on to the engine mounts. Yes they go through the water bottle.... yes I have a stock Kawi Water Bottle with a hole in it.

    Full Set of Green Fairings. (with cut-outs for frame sliders)

    Intuitive Bar end sliders (Black)
    Intuitive Swing Arm Sliders (Green)
    Ermax Hugger (Black)
    R&G End Can Protector (Silver)

    All in good condition.

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    Here is a picture of the bike...

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    For those of you who asked to see a picture of the Can Protectors, here you go.

    You can read more about them and the info on what can protectors fit what pipes here:


    They are fairly universal. Mine is a 5.5" Diameter can protector. The other options would be 4.5" and 5".
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    Everything sold except for fairings.

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