Yamy Tranys??????
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Thread: Yamy Tranys??????

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    Yamy Tranys??????

    I am having more trouble with yamaha tranys this year than I have had in my whole life, 2R6 motors and now my VMAX. Is any one familiar with the shifter drum and shift pins on the Yamaha VMAX transmission. I have just lost the 3rd gear shift pin for the third time in 4 years, the same thing happened every time. The tab that holds the pin is bent and the hole the pin sits in is oval ( it should be round), and the pin is gone... I hope it is stuck in the oil pump screen. I didn't miss a shift and I don't thrash the bike I can't see a reason for this. The repair job is easy but ridding back from Whistler in 3rd aint no fun, I need help.

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    Don't know how to fix it but do know that Yami sucks when it comes to tranys. Don't know if they have gotten any better yet though. Humm, I think I will contact them.

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    Oval sucks. I gather you'll need to replace the shift drum as well as that pin.

    It's obviously a soft metal in that drum that's letting the pin come loose. Not a solution, just an observation of the obvious that you have already guessed I'm sure.

    There's a fairly large Vmax community on the web. Have you checked for aftermarket solutions with them?
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