Who went riding today? june 6th-'02
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Thread: Who went riding today? june 6th-'02

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    Who went riding today? june 6th-'02

    Well i was just riding around town and really noticed a few bikes out there, and was just wondering if it was anyone here on the board?

    1st was when i was on 12th going west (about 930pm'ish) a red Suzuki Sv650 (i think) came up behind me and looked like he really wanted to go, so i sorta pulled over to the right lane, and let him pass. Was this anyone here?

    2nd was around 1145ish along boundary heading north? I think it was a yammy ( I AM REALLY UNSURE!). All i remember was that it had 2 headlamps, instead of one really big one. Looks like it could be an r6, but once again i am unsure, so i was thinking yammy. Unsure though....

    SO if anyone saw a black camaro with an N beside the license plate, and a stupid @$$ red bumper sticker, that was me just admiring your bike.
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