Help me wash my bike!
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Thread: Help me wash my bike!

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    Help me wash my bike!

    Hey I have no idea on how I wash my bike!!! Can you all help me wash my new 03 F4i with your tips and tricks?

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    What kind of stuff do I use on the exhaust it stock?

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    Yo Kooch, you ride a Handa, lol, must be Korean, hehehe.

    I generally wash mine, like my car. But do not spray
    directly at your gauges or your air intakes!!!
    Otherwise check out the link crabalocker put up.

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    No man Im white and Kooch Is short for Koocharoutes

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    I have a 02 F4i, i just wipe it down with a wet towel everytime
    after I ride. No need to wash.
    I would say the 03 F4i should be done the same way.
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    assuming you can follow instructions.
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    I didn't mean it that way Kooch, sorry.
    I meant, it your write up for your bike.
    You wrote "HANDA", ...nevermind, I'm just old.

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    First you takes some water then you takes some soap, mixes them up all nice and latherly and then's you applies... You follows up with some mores water.

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    Hey simx no hard feelings man im in a good mood im rideing my first new bike. I love you man!!!

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    (First you takes some water then you takes some soap, mixes them up all nice and latherly and then's you applies... You follows up with some mores water.)

    HAHAHAHAHa, water and soap. Never thought of that!

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    Ya I thought of water and soap but I thought maybe there was somthing better than but I guees the jokes on me. The thing is like I wanna take care of this bike like I have never done for something. I wanna make it shine is there tips for that like exhaust stuff or a sertan kind of wax? I wanna try the MR. Clean and see how that works. whatever bust out some ideas people. I need them!

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    wash with normal turtle wax soap and water, as told to you, dont get water directly on the gauges, intakes or exhaust included, i dry with a chamie, and i use carnauba wax, the pure stuff, not a polish to wax my bike, remove the wax with a soft cloth,then buff with cheese cloth, it will shine real well,,,,, you dont need to actually wash it all that often, if you take care of your bike, but building up a number of layers of wax helps protect your paint, good luck, and congrats on the new bike

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    after ur all done helping him..can u help me?
    i know how to wash it and all..i'm just lazy

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    Whatever you do DO NOT ARMOURALL YOUR SEAT!!! Even more important DO NOT USE TIRE DRESSING!!!

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