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    magazine article

    just reading latest sport rider or motorcyclist,they had a good article on group riding,one thing to note,they adopted a speed limit in group riding,say no faster than 120kmh or so, but as fast as you want in corners ,what do you think of this kinda thing its quit interesting as they are ex racers or racers,just lookoing for opinions,check out the article.

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    Thats great for the SuperMotard riders among us!

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    straight line speed is boring anyways.
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    I think they are either reprinting or taking their inspiration from an article called "The Pace" by Nick Ineatsch (sp?).

    The idea is that the group limits their speed so the back riders don't need to get stupid to stay with the front guys. The corner speed is then set by the local terrain UP TO 120 kph or so. The idea is to enjoy the corners without the little award slips from Officer Doright at the end of the day.

    Here's a LINK to the full article.
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    Good article.

    Something to try out for sure.

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