Cool article I read today.

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"German neo-Nazis swap music online

Cops swoop on skinheads
By Mike Magee: Friday 26 March 2004, 07:37

COPS IN GERMANY have arrested more than 300 neo-Nazi music file swappers who had been trading race hate music online.
The raids followed investigations into 342 people who had posted songs by skinhead bands that contained lyrics inciting racial hatred.

Inciting racial hatred, displaying Nazi emblems and performing the Hitler salute are crimes punishable by imprisonment in Germany.

There is some concern about the rise of racist violence in Germany with more than 100 people injured in racist attacks over the last few years.

Police think the Internet is providing such groups with a perfect way of spreading such groups' sick propaganda and also co-ordinate attacks."

Its one way to take those sick F#&*s down