gas spill... what could be damaged?
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Thread: gas spill... what could be damaged?

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    gas spill... what could be damaged?

    So I'm riding along Grandview today, and my back wheel starts slipping around and the bike starts losing power. I pull it over quick, kill the engine, and find gas pouring out of my fairings. The tubing had pulled out of my petcock, probably a result of me moving the gas tank the other day to pull my air filter. I closed the petcock, re-attached the hose, and sat there for 10 minutes to let the gas evaporate before continuing.

    The bike handles fine, seems to be nothing wrong. Should I check anything? Would the gas have eaten any gaskets, or gotten into any bearings, flushed out any grease, etc?

    Please advise...

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    You'll be fine. Fresh gas isn't near as nasty as old gas. It'll quickly evaporate off most flat, non porous surfaces but, foam insulating liners in fairings, etc. can get soaked and stink for a LONG time. Remove and clean with plain old dish soap and water.

    You know, there's a reason they put the pump and lines on the cold side of the motor....


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