Hunting for new Home
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Thread: Hunting for new Home

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    Hunting for new Home

    figured with 400 + members, someone must be able to help me out.

    My Gf and i are looking for a 2 bedroom or three bedroom apartment or basement of a house, or a whole house!
    Up to $1500/month and preferably in the west of vancouver..Ie, kits, point grey, ect.

    Most important thing is that it has to allow a dog!
    Its been really hard to find a place that is big enough to hold all three and that may even have a back yard.

    If anyone knows of anything, please Pm me with info...

    I have checked internet, rental guide, newspapers, but sometimes people don't advertise.

    August will be fine to move, even september.
    Thanks for whatever help can be rendered!

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    Or at least a big enough door to bring bugsy in the house at night.

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    They just rented the house next door to my place last week you are just a little late, plus it is in burnaby. about 2200 sf, back yard etc...$1400 a month, I was talking to the owner. Good luck finding a place in Kits this time of year.
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    why dont you buy my house (it's fer sale right now) ... that's about what the mortgage is fer ya.... house is in Vancouver near the PNE ...

    1800 sqft with lots of room to expand... backyard, view etc etc...

    fully alarmed garage fer the bikes too...

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