Passenger suspension setup
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Thread: Passenger suspension setup

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    Passenger suspension setup

    If i were to take a passenger, what kind of changes should i make to the suspension front and back, if any at all. Just stiffen it up a bit? what about the front? Thanks.

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    Not that I know much about suspension, but the 600RR is pretty stiff to start. How heavy is this passenger? If he/she is 150+ you may want to go up 2 clicks, but stock, I find it pretty good for just me at ~180, and by no means an expert rider.

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    depending on what sort of ride(highway or twisties,squamish etc...)
    depending on the cobined weight of course(big or small passenger)

    set tire pressures higher than you normally run. 38psi or so.
    tighten front and rear preload
    tighten front compression damnping a couple clicks or 1/4 to 1/2 turn depending on model.

    this what i did when carrying a passenger for all types ofr riding on gsxr 1000.

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    i set mine up for myself and don't touch it when i take a passenger. i ride 90% myself and 10% passenger and its not worth it for me to fiddle with it each time. and i'm not out carving with my wife on behind so i don't change it. if i am going any long distance with my wife i toss a couple more pounds in the tire but that's it.
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    maybe adjust the pre-load in the forks more stiff so it doesnt dive and crush your fender when you hit the brakes but otherwise i agree with purplekawi,I wouldnt mess with it unless you plan to ride with the same person everyday,all day or youll be changing your suspension every two min .
    Thats why i have a solo race tail so i dont have to think about this stuff.No passenger no prob .....PLus you dont have to spend your summer"can i get a ride,,,can i get a ride,,,, hey can you take me for a ride" im dumb enough on a bike i dont want someone elses life in my hands.

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