What bike to motard?
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Thread: What bike to motard?

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    What bike to motard?

    New forum, lets ask all the newby questions and get them out of the way.

    What would be a good bike to motard?

    For those who are motarded allready, do you think you made the right choices? Would you do anything differently if you could start over your motard?
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    Lovin my xr 650, it goes well as a road bike, bigger and a bit heavier, but has lots of grunt and will outlast any other motor out there as far as durability goes... the CRF 450's and KTMs are wicked bikes as well, but you definently need to keep up on the maintenence more so then the big red pig... You have to ask yourself what you want to do... just rip around town? or do you want to do some road trips as well? XR is good for the long journeys... did an 8 hour journey on mine, and it was a blast! some of the other bikes dont hold much more then a liter of oil as they were made for Motorcross racing, and have to be light to compete against the 2 strokes...

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    none at the moment
    ...and that's why my next bike will be a XR650r , I want to have fun and be able to do the occasional manning park loop.
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    03 crf450 motard
    I've got the crf450. It's a focused motocross race machine. Makes a wicked motard track tool and is ok fo general city stuff. But sucks for any distance stuff. Tiny fuel tank (but light enough to push uphill to the next gas station, tested that personally in the pouring rain day one), gearing must be changed if you're gonna spend lots of time on the street. Plus the bike is NOt happy idleing around town. She happiest an sings songs of praise when you thrash on her like she owes you money.

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    the xr650 is a great bike to SM, my buddy has one, and I ride a klx400r, he has an aftermarket carb, and the difference in power is aabout 20km's/hr on top...about
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