new rear tire please!
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Thread: new rear tire please!

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    Gurl Rider

    new rear tire please!

    Hey all,

    I need some help in determining what's a good tire for my bike for the up coming season. My bike is a 2000 CBRF4. what kind of tires are good? and how much do they usually run at? AND any one know of a good shop that does tires?

    Your help will be much appreciated!


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    Depends where u ride

    If lotsa wet and u want tread life, go for the dated but awesome wet grip BT010's

    If your more aggressive and want more grip, go with the BT012SS's

    Stick with the 120/70 front and 180/55 rear

    D207's suck, lot of better tires for comparable prices.

    MSpeedPerformance will probably give u the best price, especially if your a female, unless u have a shop u use lots, in which case they will probably give u the best price. You should be able to get them in the 300-350 before tax range, for either, they are like 10-15 bucks difference in price. And MSpeed won't jack you on the mounting and balancing price, might even be included, go butter up Marbod!

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    Yep, totally agree with lowprofile. Go see Marbod, best prices in town for tires. I just bought a set of BT012SS's for my R1, but if you're not as aggressive, BT010's are plenty sticky and have better wet grip. I liked my Dunlop 208's and I hear the new Pirelli Diablo's are awesome, but for the money the Bridgestone's are the best deal.

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    i agree with the above comments. i would also suggest the diablo's . all are great! go the FN marbod at

    Mspeed proformance
    1570 boundry

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    yeah, dunlop 207's suck, they were the first set that came with my bike when I got it and they wore out in less than 3000kms, and I didn't even push them that hard. 207's are also overpriced too. I've tried dunlop sportmax as well- total crap. Metzler tires were ok, if you want to spend a half hour trying to warm them up.
    But I haven't tried any Bridgestone, I've mainly stuck with the Michelin TX25,
    good price and good long life tire if you can still find them, they stick to the road great, I've never had a problem. If you can't find them anymore give the michelin pilot tires a try.

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