I've used this thing twice, and can't justify having it any longer. All the shops I work in have welders anyways. It can be used with 120V or 220V lines, and switches internally to adjust. It has unbelievably smooth output, especially when used with 220V. Super light little thing, too. I've used the exact same model to weld stainless for on-site jobs and it works like a charm. Welds stick (SMAW) as is, and with a tank of argon and a TIG torch, will do TIG (GMAW). I've seen these in stores for $1700+ after taxes. Get yours here for $1400, firm. I'll include barely used large packs of 6010 and 7018 electrodes too. Has a factory warrantee until the end of January 2006.

contact me at jeffrey@uvic.ca