Bluestone's road trip video
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Thread: Bluestone's road trip video

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    I wish.

    Bluestone's road trip video

    Bluestone went down to LA/Vegas, etc.. and back with his buddy. Here's a video he handed me last night to put up. Enjoy. (I took these roads in the truck, they just weren't nearly as fun on the coast..)

    AND WOH man, that load on your bike must be killer cuz you took some mega wide turns.

    Anyways people, enjoy.. click on 'movies' up top to access. Called Ultimate Ride.
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    whoa....wide turns is right.....lucky there wasn't any oncoming traffic...

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    i know, i know! Two consecative wide right hand turns! Scared the crap out of me! The first one i just went in way too fast, it was a downhill slightly banked VERY sharp 15km/h turn and i wasn't used to the extra weight nor was i expecting it to actually be a 15km/h turn! Usually the signs err on the side of caution but this thing was tight! I was trying to make up for it by taking the next turn nice and smooth but then put on too much throttle in all the anticipation....
    the great thing was that this same pattern of turns was repeated at least another dozen or so times so i got a chance to redeem myself on some of them. Let me tell you. if you could only do one road this summer.........

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    Neat little video, lucky on those corners there was no cars comming or you woulda been bluesplat Looks like you guys had a blast though, where you planning on going next year?
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