More oil then recommended
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Thread: More oil then recommended

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    its got 2 wheels

    More oil then recommended

    So today I was talking with my friend, tonight he and the guy he bought his bike from are doing his oil.
    Its a gsxr 750 and its recommened 3.3L but ther egoing to put in 3.6-8.
    He said because when you do wheelies the oil goes into the back of the pan. This made a lot of sense and I was just wondering if it is true.

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    I can't speak for inline fours but by overfilling big bore twins you'll end up getting all of the extra oil pumped up into the airbox through the throttle bodies. The big twin pistons displace so much air that some of the air gets blown up through the throttle bodies and back into the airbox.

    My TLS's airbox has had to be cleaned more times than I care to admit. I always have to stick to the middle of the sightglass or a little on the low side.
    I love my squared off tyres. Torque rules.

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    If you have a BCSB sticker on your bike it holds the oil to the front of the pan better.

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    Do the gixxers have a low oil pressure warning light? If so, you probably need not worry about loss of oil pressure.

    Never put in too much oil as bad things will happen - even with BCSB stickers holding your pan together.

    'nother question, why do you try to hide your bike profile when you have R6 written all over your sig

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    i run extra oil in mine all the time. never came out of the airbox yet. I do it for cause the oil pickup is in the front of the pan on my bike. cheaper than replacing motors

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dafnip
    If you have a BCSB sticker on your bike it holds the oil to the front of the pan better.
    you and ur damn stickers
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    They always say that more oil volume puts more pressure in the crankcase and puts stress on the seals but I've never heard one failing because of that. Can't you change around where the oil pick up is?

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