Reviews on '89 model GSXR 750's
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Thread: Reviews on '89 model GSXR 750's

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    Talking Reviews on '89 model GSXR 750's

    I am in the market for a bike to call mine own! I have come across a, what seems to be in really nice shape, 1989 GSXR-750, and I have heard different things about different bikes, my friend just purchased this same bike, only the "Slingshot" model, and upgrade to the one I am looking at. Please advise me on some things I may need to look out for, or questions I need to ask!
    Thanks all, Peace GodBless!

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    I had one for about 2 or 3 years. I didn't have a single problem.
    One complaint was the oil/air cooliing it has makes the ride kinda warm during stop and go traffic... after riding one you can jump on to a tiller and it will be like good times.

    Oh, one more thing it's a heavy bike and the stock brakes are just average I recomend upgrading to steel braided line plus aftermarket pads.
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    don't even get me started on that i loved mine...wicked bike..can smoke 600's in the straights and keep about mid pack in the twisties. A really good bike. I kinda wish i didn't sell mine. Upgrade to srad 6 pot brakes, a jet kit, k&n and full system and you got a great bike for less than 3500. I ended up rebuildin mine after i dumped it so i have loads of spare parts and a bunch o info on the ol girl. PM me if you need anything. vancityrider can stunts the ol schools really well. it's a great all around bike.
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    yes, i too have been a one time owner of one of these
    750 slingshots. great bike, and yes, keep in mind that in hot weather, in bumper to bumper traffic you would rather park it at home instead of riding it cuz it does blow a lot of hot air at you when you're not moving very fast, because it is oil cooled, not liquid.
    Excellent bike though, I think it would almost beat my 98zx7r

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