Hey everyone!

I breed peach-faced lovebirds and cockatiels as a hobby, and spring is coming, so I'll have some babies for sale.

Lovebirds are very colorful little mini-parrots and totally fun little birds. Cockatiels are very cool too, they have some awesome sounds and whistles. Both lovebirds and cockatiels imitate whistles and sometimes words. They have the most hilarious little personalities and they'll hang out on your shoulder and go wherever you go. Very loyal little guys. If you're interested in getting one, let me know.

All my babies are hand-fed, hand-tamed and very healthy. They get all the food, toys and time a birdie heaven could have!
Both the lovebird and cockatiel babies sell for 100.00/each.
My new hobby-turned-business name is Angel Aviaries.

Check out these links:

These are not my websites, but just for you to look at them to get some info on the birds.

PM me if you want any more info on my babies...