Knox Mountain Hill Climb in Kelowna
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Thread: Knox Mountain Hill Climb in Kelowna

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    Knox Mountain Hill Climb in Kelowna

    I know they race cars up the mountain, has anyone tackled it on a bike?

    Couldnt be any worse then any other TT race. Line the corners with hay bails, Id giv'er a try...I think.

    Check out for some in-car footage of the mountian course.
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    I don't know I have seen some pretty amazing cars go rolling off down the mountain (off road) I don't know if you would really want to risk this on a bike, some of the drop offs are rather large!


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    They don't allow bikes at the race, too dangerous.


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    They raced bikes there years ago. In the early 80's a crash resulting in death ended it. I was there the year after and a friend showed me the corner it happened in. There was a tree with a tear still in it from the impact. 30 feet from the road and about 40 feet up its length. It was a high speed corner half way up the mountain. Looked nasty.

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    When is it this year??
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    I'm shooting to race my car there next year. But it is a big step.

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