Sat (April 3) - Sunshine Coast (meet at Church 9:30AM)
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Thread: Sat (April 3) - Sunshine Coast (meet at Church 9:30AM)

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    Sporty Tourer

    Sat (April 3) - Sunshine Coast (meet at Church 8:45AM)

    Where: Horseshoe Bay > Langdale > Sechelt > Egmont > all around & back
    Meet: 8:45 AM Church or try to catch the 9:20 AM ferry

    Weather looks nice this Saturday so plan on breaking in my bike and checking out some new sceanery. I plan on taking the 9:20 AM ferry from Horsehoe Bay to Langdale (cost $13.75). I can meet at the Church (1525 Taylor Way) in West Vancouver at 8:45 AM. Located on the on-ramp to the #1 heading west. If you are coming from the East, exit at Taylor Way, go directly straight through the light as you'll see the church entrance ahead on the right.

    I have attached a map (see attachment) of the partial route I am going to take. I am not going any further than Earls Cove so will only be riding one ferry but may ride around some of the side roads depending on the time it takes and how sore I am. Would like to try to catch the 2:30 ferry which gives about 3 hours to cruise around but will see how it goes. Next ferry is 4:30 which is kinda late so likely will ride till have to head back....

    Pace will not be fast as I have never travelled here before but will likely be just a few kms over the limit to not get any speeding tiks.

    For a summary of the ride you can check out this link:

    If interested you can show up but would prefer only a few people.
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    Wink Earl's Cove

    See you at the Church. I know the road, it's a great ride on a sunny day.

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    Hey Patrick...
    Sorry to break in the bad news but it's $13.75 plus $8.25 if you plan on riding on the
    same bike onto the ferry. Luckily you only get hit for the $22 once and not twice if
    you were going over to the Island. You pay to get there but not when you come back.
    Nice thing is bikes get to go to the front of the line when loading the ferry.
    If you can snag a group of 15 or more than it's $10.25 plus $6.75. Saves 5 big bucks.
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    Yup, you are correct!
    Guess I liked the smaller number better, hee hee and did not read the smaller print.
    Tks, for the heads up!

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    Earl's Cove

    Great ride Patrick, thanks. Nice clear road on the way back.

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    Yes, tks again for the guided tour!
    Next time I will make sure I do not have to rush back.

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