Wanted: Riding Boots
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Thread: Wanted: Riding Boots

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    Wanted: Riding Boots

    I'm slowly putting together my racing gear and one day... OHH YES... one day....Kung Lau will come BACK to mission.... looking for riding boots in good condition. I have size 9 or 10 feet. Depends on the shoe i'm wearing i suppose. PM me if you got something

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    A friend of mine bought a pair of Sidi Vertebra 2 for $320.00 tax in at Modern.... you might wanna give it a try.....
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    I've got a spare pair of yellow/black Sidis if you wanna take alook at them. They're in nice shape, sice 9 I think. You'd have to try them on I guess. $150
    Maybe Mediocre
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