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    Need Screws

    Hey ppl I am in the need of screws for my bike the hole body work is in needed! if any one can help please do so!

    Thanks Dan

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    lock hart phillips has a150 piece screw set for your bike plus they also carry a screrw kit for body panels check there web site. this should help
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    Pacific Fasteners has all kinds of bolts. They're on 1st or 2nd Ave in Burnaby near Boundary.

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    Go to ebay and look for a bolt kit from a tear down of your bike. I got a set for $50 or something.
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    Pacific Fastener is great for metric stuff as long as you're happy with black finished cap screws. They are an industrial outlet too so they are used to sending stuff out of town... like to Sicamous. You may have to buy in box quantity but they are cheaper that way anyways. A box of 100 6x1x25mm button head allen screws cost me a whole $6 IIRC.
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    Thank you all so much I went to the suzuki dlrship and they wanted 298 for the screws I needed! I just said well i am bent over now!

    Thanks all!

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    Fabroy Fasteners - out Coquitlam / POCO way if memory serves - are another great place for metric fasteners - if they haven't got them they will get them. Priced reasonable, and you can get stainless if you wish.


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    teetee can you tell me a little more about that Pacific Fasteners place? So are the screws the stock ones, the rounded allen head bolts, except black? And would it be possible for someone to give me an adress and phone number of the place?

    are these the motor bolts? or the fairing ones? and if they are the motor bolts, does this palce sell fairing bolts?

    thansk again
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    Pacific fasteners is at the top of the hill, south side of 1st ave east of boundary. They sell all kinds of stuff and have a cash counter for small orders. they dont mind selling you one bolt, or a thousand. I would however stay away from the black coated bolts, as they rust very quickly. try to get plated bolts, or stainless, or go the ebay route for a stock set.

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    There's also a place in coquitlam, called Indu Fasteners, adress 111b81 Golden, coq. phone 604 464 6164
    Going to order myself some stainless bolts from those guys as they open at 8 and i start work at 8:30 and get off at 5-by the time all these places close. west coast opens at 8:30 so theres no way i can get there and get to work on time.

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    Wm.P. Somerville in Burnaby 604-298-3622. Troy, Ryan, Duane or Clay.
    Pacific Fast. Go to the shipping entrance and talk to Bob,Pat or Mike.
    Canadian Stainless in Coquitlam off of United Blvd. on Clipper in among the Warehouses on the left. Talk to Lynn or Karen.
    If you go with Plated, go with the Gr5 plating, and if Stainless go with 18.8 0r a 316 s.s.316 is mixed with other metals for strength purposes. 18.8 is a little softer.
    Mattic Ind. off of 76th and between 132nd and King George near California Fitness.

    Hope this helps.

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