TL1000s Performance upgrades?
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Thread: TL1000s Performance upgrades?

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    Question TL1000s Performance upgrades?

    Hey sup? This is my first time posting a question.
    Anyone have any great ideas as how to get more power out of my TL100s?
    besides exhaust and air filter and mixture adjustments?

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    Hey there, how do you like your TL?

    A great resource for TL riders is Most TL guys start out with a filter, full exhaust and a PCII with a full remap.

    Since you have a 97 there were no restrictions (congrats, you got the fast one!) that you have to worry about taking out. i.e. the Timing Retard Eliminator(TRE) mod.

    Since the TLS is geared pretty tall, alot of TL owners will go down a tooth in the front sprocket or up in the back sprocket.

    Any details to speak of? Is the bike new to you? Do you know if there were any mods in the past?
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    hopefully within a month i will be putting an Ohlins rear shock on my '97 TLS, talked to Marbod at Mspeed and he's gonna hook me up when i get the cash. Then next is racetech fork upgrades. For me the TL makes awesome usable power so i'm gonna work on the handling first. But it'd be great to hear what kind of power gains you get with what exhaust/PCII map combo etc. so post up when you do anything... within four to six weeks i'll try to have the Ohlins upgrade/review and pics on here. Anyone else with TLS mods i'd love to hear 'em! so far all i have is TLR 6 pistons brakes and goodridge kevlar brake lines.

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    Don't listen to anyone on BCSB about tips on your Tiller. (excluding CG)
    Go to and all your questions will be answered by pro's.
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