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    F.S. 2001 Red/White R6

    2001 Red and White R6 for sale.

    I am posting for a friend.

    It has less then 10 000 kms on it 9600 i belive. Never been dropped or crashed. It belongs to a older guy who just had a baby and he is being told to get rid of it. (How sad) Only mods are different single lights, (tear drop ones) and the rear fender is gone with a bracket for the plate.

    I know this guy, he babied his bike. Even built its own shead for it. He says its never even been to red line and i belive him. Regular services done. This guy has takin care of the bike.

    Over $8000's what i have seen them going for latley. He is asking for $8000 i think that is a pretty good price. I know it wont last long.

    *made a mistake its a 2001*

    Deal is pending will updat later.
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    Sold to the first guy who looked at it. Enjoy and see you on the road.

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