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    Micheal Miracle!!

    Formula One team boss Eddie Jordan called for calm after claims that Formula One could be ruined by another season of Michael Schumacher dominance this year following Sunday's Malaysian Grand Prix.

    Schumacher, who has won the last four world titles for Ferrari, looked typically in control as he drove to his 72nd career victory and extended his 100 percent start to the season in Sepang.

    Rule changes introduced in the last two years have attempted to liven up the sport after Ferrari completely dominated the 2002 season and Jordan is baffled by complaints despite the fact Schumacher is still in control.

    "When (golfer) Tiger Woods wins nine majors in a row or thereabouts everyone is singing his praises," said Jordan. "In our sport we seem to be critical that the show is impaired and I don't see how that works.

    "We saw again here that Michael is the best. He is the consummate, brilliant driver. In a similar situation his team-mate Rubens (Barrichello) was fourth. It was a tight competition and I don't see what all the commotion is about."

    Schumacher was chased home all the way by rival Juan Pablo Montoya but the Colombian driver's Williams team immediately insisted their cars are still some way off the lead pace.

    Ferrari struck fear into the sport's rulers when they shot to a dominant victory in the season-opening Australian Grand Prix and their performance in Malaysia, where they were not expected to be strong, caused more woes.

    But Jordan, whose team are fighting at the back of the grid with a budget significantly lower than that of Ferrari, was keen to put a positive spin on the situation and stop others talking it into a crisis.

    "We can all talk ourselves doom and gloom," said Jordan. "We know we talked ourselves into a recession before and we are doing similar things with our sport. This is magic what is happening.

    "It is so competitive at the front. It is just phenomenal and although, at the moment, Michael Schumacher, Ferrari and the people he has put together have the edge it is not at all a bad thing.

    "It is an uphill battle for everyone else but, in fact, I think it is a good thing in some respects because it makes other people feel more aware they have to fight back.

    "Good luck to them, I say."
    “When it's difficult like this, the taste (of winning) is better.”

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    It isn't a popularity contest as WarHawk knows. It's a sport governed by the FIA. Sure there is "some" artistic license to it and Bernie Ecclestone has control over it to a point. But it is single seater racing at it's purest form. The most objective racing on the planet.

    That being said Michael is dominating and he can do it all he wants. However the cheating German bastard is winning a lot of boring races.

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