Get well soon scooter!!!!!
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Thread: Get well soon scooter!!!!!

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    Get well soon scooter!!!!!

    My coworker and a good friend Brian known as scooter
    His a member to, (bcsb). he rides a Suzuki V-Strom blue.
    A car hit him in front of Lions gate hospital.
    the car was 100% at fault. Don’t know the full story but
    what I heard from my other coworker his O.K. and he will be
    off work for week.
    Get well soon Brian I’m so happy that you’re ok.
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    Heal fast!
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    well at least thats a good place to be hit, no wait for ambulance heh... get well!

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    It was great to meet you Saturday Brian.

    So sorry about the mishap, heal fast and we'll see you on the road again soon!!
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    Brian's Accident

    Brian put up a post on page #7 in the Im Going for a ride you comming, form under the Thread for the ride to Spences Bridge ride where he explains how some cager did not see him and nailed him on his Bike Get well soon Brian.
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    That really sucks man, heal up quick Scooter.
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    That truly sucks. I hope everything's ok.

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