Where to sleep cheap in states?
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Thread: Where to sleep cheap in states?

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    Where to sleep cheap in states?

    Ok, long trip coming up for me soon to stateside nad would like to have some info where can you camp cheap?

    So if you know any cheap camping grounds? motels? let me know

    Going at least to California.. probably along the coast. but as I'm also coming back any accommodation info arounf other routes is also welcome.

    Is there any prov. parks where you can camp? And where do wash your underwear?

    If you have any prices let me know them too..


    and all tips concerning road trip to the usa are more than welcome ....

    oh and how much is gas there?

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    PM me. I spend most of my time riding in the USA. I've got a number of good cheap places depending on where you're going but I like to keep them semi private so I can still get a room there.

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    Use a search engine such as Google and look for youth hostels in the US. My younger brother found a site that had all the US hostels listed by state, and it included their prices and ammenities.

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    rest stops all the way baby! free! hahahha. just joking.... might get mistaken for being something your not, like in "There's something about mary".

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    Lots of state campgrounds along the way. Usual cost is $8-12 US depending on what they have for facilities. Showers at the grounds means it's in the $110 to $12 range.

    Motels are at least $45 US a night or you don't want to stay there anyway..... trust me on that.......

    I believe Motel 6's are in the $55 per couple range these days. Don't be surprised if they are up to $65 though.
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